Farmer Wisdom with
Futuristic Technology

Our Story

We have been working with aqua farmers for decades and understand the trials, tribulations they face. This very knowledge has spurred us on to innovate and improve the lives of the everyday aqua farmer. The digital revolution has enabled us to reach every farmer, every pond, and every market through our technology solutions. We are a farmer-centric company and have developed technology to assist the farmer from seed to sale and set-up to harvest. We are striving to modernize operations, improve productivity and optimize the entire value chain.

The Stumbling Block & Our way out

There are some stumbling blocks and we are finding our way out of them one at a time.

Skill Deficiency

The farmer does not have accurate and reliable

information for his culture process.

Information Paucity

The aqua farmer faces issues on current pricing,

quality and information inadequacies.

Market Muddle

The buyer and seller experience delays

and inefficiencies in finding each other.

Knowledge Bank

We developed a comprehensive database of manuals, disease guides, tips and more to help the farmer through the entire culture period.

Smart Tools

Pricing, trends, quality information or trade, our smart tools and features have been developed to make everyday operations easier for the farmer.

Reliable System

We have built a robust system to connect the buyer and seller. Our system helps them communicate and trade resulting in a win-win for both.




Our Vision

To build India's most preferred Aquaculture ecosystem. The aquaculture industry can be fragmented, disorganized and tough. We want to make aquaculture simple, organized and profitable for every aqua farmer using a technology driven approach. We want to be the platform of choice for knowledge, pricing, trade and business.

Our Mission

There is no industry without a farmer. We care for this farmer and for the food that he grows. Our mission is to empower the aqua farmer. Making life simpler, boosting productivity, optimizing operations, ensuring quality and reaping profits are some aspects of the aquaculture life-cycle we are targeting. We look to bringing about a change in the industry one farmer at a time. We aspire to bring the world to the fingertips of our farmer and take his harvest to the world.

Our Plan

Our intention is to be able to on-board and connect farmers and markets across geographical boundaries. We intend to continuously innovate and create new solutions to improving the entire aquaculture ecosystem.

Our Team

The people at the helm of affairs at AquaBrahma have decades of experience, the courage to take unorthodox decisions and the perseverance to realise their goals. Meet the brains that are ideating, innovating and driving aquaculture for the future.

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